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i'm here!

2010-12-11 12:17:39 by supersj44

i finally made an account cause youtube sucks


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2010-12-24 14:53:23

youtube does suck lol, welcome

supersj44 responds:



2011-01-15 21:36:39

Hm... You're a good sprite animator I guess, but the quality of your sprites are low.

supersj44 responds:

i dont know how to make it better so really just deal with it


2011-03-18 16:32:36

wanna be friends

supersj44 responds:



2011-04-05 21:24:21

Maybe I don't have to deal with it.
Maybe I WANT better quality animations than your poor progression bullshit.

(Updated ) supersj44 responds:

what was tht ? edit i just looked at your profile lol you call me bad edit one more thing you can go fuck yourself


2011-06-01 13:14:03

that's the spirit!! F@#$ those assholes who try top piss you off!

supersj44 responds:

:D i will!


2011-06-27 16:47:41

There not trying there telling the truth. You can get good tutorials on how to animate from ifureadthisdie. You don't even use a vcam in your most recent one. You are a sub par animator but that is all othershadowed by the lack of quality.