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Just a update

2012-12-12 21:16:56 by supersj44

i made a few videos to get myself going, im still trying to find the way i wanna animate sprites. but im working on a new one now 12/12/12 called "Goku vs Vegeta" i know the topic is dead but i dont care lol. im gonna stick with lswi sprites for a while but incorperate other ones like sonic into them, im not the best and i dont intend to be im just another animtor trying to have a habbit shared with the world. thanks o my 10 fans lol the videos will get better i promise that.

guys im sorry

2012-08-28 17:32:20 by supersj44

guys i know my old animations sucked and the quality wasnt good but i didnt know what i was doing at the time, i had to teach myself i still am i guess, ive watched all the tutorials and tried to get more educated with this but i started a few years ago i think, i really did this to give my dad a birthday present and i wanted to give him something new. so after that one i tried to make more, even with all the hate i got i wanted to do better and make better quality videos but i couldnt figure out how, so when i looked up tutorials i kinda got it. so really im not a gifted animator like everyone else on here, and unless you make really good animations too you shouldn't be criticizing other people's work. but besides that i wanted to say to the people who do enjoy my animations and have supported me and helped me get better, is thank you for everything you guys are great! now im going to try even harder to bring better quality videos to newgrounds, i will try to master the v-cam even though it kills my quality sometimes, i would LOVE suggestions from you guys for upcoming videos or even a series. so you guys are the best and im trying to bring the best that i can make, thanks allot!!!

i'm here!

2010-12-11 12:17:39 by supersj44

i finally made an account cause youtube sucks